Fit 3D Body Scan

The Fit3D Body Scan

A better way to measure your progress!

The Fit3D Body scanner is new technology that assess all aspects of health and wellness for your body.

  • Weight
  • Posture Analysis
  • Body Shape Assessment
  • Body Composition – Fat mass vs Lean mass
  • Fitness Level
  • Balance Assessment
  • 100+ measurements
  • Comparison overlay

Why Fit3d?

All our Weight-loss client’s love the Fit3D Full Body Scan, it provides them with accurate measurements that they can see for themselves.  The scan takes place in a private room and takes approximately 35 seconds. Shortly after your scan you will receive an email of your personal 3D avatar providing you with your results. The images are completely confidential.  You will see for yourself not only the number of measured inches lost but by the actual physical change in your body! As your coach, we receive a silhouette of your scan that we go over in detail during your weekly meeting with focus on pounds lost, Body Fat & Lean mass % and of course inches lost. One of the highlights is the comparison overlay showing your transformation. 

Track Your Results

If you are not on our Weight-loss protocol, not a problem. Fit3D is a great tool to measure all of your fitness and wellness goals! You can purchase a single scan or an unlimited package and self-serve.

Book a Package

PT Pricing

$415 One-Year Unlimited Scans

  • 1 Scan: $35
  • 3 Months Unlimited : $99

How to Prepare

  • Wear minimal, clothing.
  • For men, wear thin, fabric shorts.
  • For women, wear bra and underwear.
  • We look forward to seeing you.


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