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Welcome to Positive Transitions

Avril – Wellness Coach/Owner

It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle!

I started my own journey with Ideal Protein back in 2014 and lost 25lbs. I couldn’t believe how easy the protocol was to follow, the best part? I could cook one meal for my family of 4!  I was so taken with program that I started “coaching” friends for fun (some of them called it lecturing!) I loved sharing recipes, tips and tricks to help them reach their goals, getting together to support each other and then it became clear. I needed to get involved directly with Ideal Protein and help others based on my passion I had for this lifestyle. 

In 2016 I took over Positive Transitions from my coach, and since then have evolved the business, offering other complimenting wellness services.  It goes to show you how one decision, one phone call, can completely change the path you are on.

I love my job and am so grateful for all the amazing clients I have been lucky enough to introduce to this life-changing program. Take that first step and reach out today! 

I look forward to meeting you! 


Joanna – Nutritional Consultant

In 2012, I found myself at an all-time low, or when it comes to weight struggles, an all-time high. Weight had always been a struggle for me, but this time it was different. I hated the way I looked, I hated the way I felt, and overall, I kind of hated myself. There had to be a change. Little did I know, walking into this little Ideal Protein Clinic, that I was about to have a change of a lifetime.

After much success on the protocol and losing 90 pounds, I wanted this to be more than a diet, I wanted to do this to be my life. In 2014, I was trained at my first Ideal Protein Clinic and became a coach. This was when the magic happened. Helping people achieve their goals became something I lived for. Every pound they lost was another pound I lost. Inspiring, teaching, coaching, this was where it was at and so life continued to flourish.

In 2016 I went to school at Elevated Learning Academy earning my Diploma in Science of Nutrition, becoming certified in Nutritional Counseling and from there have never looked back.
I’m so excited for the opportunity to work alongside you and help you achieve your goals.



Carol- Wellness Coordinator 

I worked in the consumer packaged goods industry in sales for over thirty years with some national brand companies. My last 12 years I was employed with a company that was dedicated to the health and wellness of their clients. I have always found it very satisfying working within a culture that has the best interest of their clients at the forefront of their products and minds.

When I was offered the opportunity to join the Positive Transitions Team in 2022, I simply could not resist. Educating and working  with people on their journey of a healthier lifestyle is very rewarding.

I love being part of this team and look forward to meeting many more of you.

See you soon!